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Helping Prevent Hair Loss for

Cancer Patients

Founded in 2022, Hair & Hope is dedicated to raising awareness and funding to provide cold caps to cancer patients to help reduce hair loss during their treatment.

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What do we do?

What is cold capping?

The goal of cold capping is to use an extremely cold temperature to constrict the blood vessels in your scalp. Doing this can keep the chemotherapy drug away from the hair follicle, where your hair grows, during chemotherapy infusions to prevent harm to the follicles and in turn, reduce hair loss. 

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Through donations and fundraising events, we raise funds to purchase cold caps for patients going through treatment. 

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We strive to increase awareness of and educate both patients and supporters on the benefits of cold capping.

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We provide mentorship and support for cancer patients who need and use cold caps.  

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Donate Today

Your donation helps us provide cold caps to cancer patients going through chemotherapy. We would not be able to do this without our amazing and supportive donors! 

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